Location of thermal power plants in India








Thermal Power


Thermal power is the largest source of power in India.There are different types of Thermal power plants based on the fuel used to generate the steam such as coalgasDiesel etc. About 75% of electricity consumed in india are generated by Thermal power plants

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 As to placement, thermal power plants are usually placed close to their source of fuel, their source of water (they need a lot) or near the customer base.

1. Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station (CSTPS) is the biggest pit head Thermal Power Station of the MSPGCL and the largest in India among all the state Electricity Boards
2. Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) is a coal-fired electric power station in the Raichur district of the state of Karnataka, India.
3. Koradi Thermal Power Station (KTPS) is located at Koradi near Nagpur, Maharashtra
4. Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station plants having a capacity of 630 MW
5. Bandel Thermal Power Station, west bengal
6. Santaldih Thermal Power Station, west bengal

reason for why they are located at more places

1. pollution
2. consumtion of fue